Friday, August 07, 2009

something that i really scared.

last night,
when i was about to sleep,
i thinking about one of the things that i really scared to face with,to deal with,
even thinking about it makes me cry.
thinking about someone that i really love,i really care,
someone that i talk to her everyday,i look at her everyday,
someone that i think about her every single minutes.

I try to imagine what its like when she was already lied down on a bed,
everyone was around her,
even looking at her makes me cry,
when i kissed her there was no reply,
i kissed her once again and it was cold,
the hand that used to hold and hug me wasnt there to come to me like usual..
my tears starting to fall down,

then people starting to take her,
shower her,
not like usual,
and take her,
she was covered with white cloth,
tied with something,
i was raining heavily with tears,
i just dont want this to be happen.
I dont want this to become reality.
but,it will happen.eventhough we didnt ask it.
I love you mummy

thank you for this :)


nbk said...

sayangi ibu anda. :)

aifaa said...

:) :D :x :*
smua ada.muahehehahauhauha

nbk said...

:P :"> :O
nk lawan balek haha.

aifaa said...

B-) =P~ last skali mesti kena cuba nih kat ym


nbk said...

oh no! influenza!