Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how could you?
i am waiting for you.
i love you. i love you.i love you.
can't you tell?
i can't stop the tears.
i know that you hate me now,
but i can't stop loving you.
keeps avoiding me.
you are hurting me.
i want this to get out from my mind.
but i can't.
what have you done to me?
i don't want to regret.
but i can't stop feeling stupid.
i'm stupid for letting you go.
i don't want you to go.
stay with me.
i know you wont,
because you don't love me.
i don't hate you,i just hate me..

i am waiting,waiting,waiting,for something that is not going to happen.
i am hoping,hoping,hoping for someone that already go.