Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

woot!aku baru habis bukak nuffnang,and aku terjumpa ni :

dan aku decide untuk masok contest ni!

and if i can celebrate valentine's day (eventhough i dont want to),i would like to spend my day with TAYLOR LAUTNER! *drools tiputipu*

and i must say he looks very cute here *really drools now*

tell me who don't know who he is?
who DON'T KNOW HIM,i'll give u clues.
1)shark boy and lava girl
3)new moon XD
but i bet u guys know him.ahh,whatever

okay the rule of the competition is :
Write a blog post titled ‘My Valentine’s Day’ and share how would your Valentine’s Day be if you could be spending that day with that star!

so now,if i can date with taylor lautner ;p
i will :

1) have a dinner with him on a cruise!
and he will feed me with foods that night.cey ;p

and i want him to take me to ice-skate.woot woot!haha.and when im about to fall he will catch me :P :P.gila perasan.tsk

3 ) he will call and ask me " are u free today?coz i want to take you to somewhere..and i bet you'll like it!" hahaha .

4) go vacation together and there is a surprise for me.a table decorated with roses is there and there is also musician playing a romantic songs for us.HAHAHAHAHA

5)i want him to taste my trifle.

6) i want him to sing me a song and walk on a table to a table just like Zac Efron in High School Musical 3 but not on the stage,in a beautiful restaurant ;P

7)i really want to go on a picnic together.i think its very romantic for me and taylor ;P

okay not like this.


i want him to kiss me.HAHAHAHHAHAHA

sekadar gambar hiasan.

xmenang?i kesah apa!
kalau menang?lagi baguih :P

i love u nuffnang! :D