Tuesday, April 20, 2010

can u keep a secret?

* sesajo galok chek nak cakap inggereh.maap la noh kalau chek salah bi.chek kan orang kedah piao.

keep your mouth shut after done reading this.haha.

1, i've never been to genting highlands :|
2, i love books,i am not lying i am a book-addicted.
3, i'm not really 'Edward Cullen' obsessed with.its just people admiring him so much,and i just follow the flow ~
4, i do keep microphone under my pillow.long time agoooo
5, i laugh if i read Sophie Kinsella's books.and i loveee it when someone gives me comics,novels,books,instead of exercise books lol.
6, i get jealous to my friends so easily,sometimes when someone get close to them,i get jealous in some reasons why i don't know O_O
7, i USED to cry when i think about my ex(s).whoever they are.
8, i talk to myself,and i always imagine that there is someone else beside me.and we talk in english.her name is jessica.
9, i always think that i'm a supermodel or singer or something,and i do sing infront of the mirror when i was about 11 or 10.i don't remember and i made a video when i was singing.i thought i deleted it but somehow i didn't,and Abah saw the video and he kept it until now :|.after that,i never everrrrrr try to record a single video of me.
10 , i admire people who can talk english fluently.such as sasha and zaty.and my aunt,afaf but she don't talk to me in english :D

and i'm dot..






chapter 15 said...

ampa tk crita pon kta ampa less ngn kami

Anonymous said...

haha.cehhhh kami les ngan cipak tapi lama xjumpa.
break! haaa haha
-aifaa mls sign in O_O

Anonymous said...

woooo :O
aku nak tgok video hg nyanyi.
msti cumil :p

::tiqah yg malas nak sign in::

chapter 15 said...

hahahahha. jangan laaa syg. i ttp syg u. muahhh