Sunday, June 27, 2010

AFS Interview Day

so,here it goes.
hi! it had been a long time i didn't write.Hewlooo readers!

so yeap,I've been there.
I've been to the interview.It was fun,really!

those 3ladies,they are from Germany.
and they are going back soon.they said ''Malaysia is a nice country,and i love tomyam!"said Lazy Lisa.
who is Lazy Lisa?

well,first,we need to introduce ourselves using our first alphabet in our name,with an adjective.
and for me,i've got NO IDEA AT ALL.
and i go for Adorable Aifaa. LOL XD
i met a chinese guy there,and some students from Kulim,Pendang,and SMK HUTAN KAMPONG AND ALSO SMK BANDAR BARU SINTOK.
they are about 20students there..and all of them..wish to go to Japan =__=

all of us were shy at first,but we talk like non stop at last.bhaha

and we played some games.the Germany's people games.
mad pony or something.funny haha
and some birthday.

and the guessing part was funnehhhhhh
we need to use our body language to tell our host family about something.
such as we want to go fishing or you want to eat.
but we ended up playing some movies part,such as Harry Potter,you need to act like him and the others need to guess what is he doing.hohoh

and not forgetting my favourite part,
the chair part XD
i don't know what that game's name.

and a game,that i'm not very good at.
you have to create your own culture.
how you sleep,walk, eat and things.i'm not good at it,
we were divided into two groups,group A and B.
I'm in the B group,and they are so...shy i think?except for Vincent XD

Vincent is a chinese,he's from Pendang i think.hoho
he is soooooo funny! and we are the only two who keep giving our opinion about out 'new' culture.

the group A was totally holy moly damn good O_O
i was embarrassed by them. :p
and it's our turn,
i looked at Vincent and said, "kamon lahhhh!"
and he said " why meeeeee?" with an innocent look.haha funny

we stood there like stupid,and luckily,i mean veryyy LUCKY,
i was called to go to the's not lucky.i was too terrified to go there.ngeh

*the interview room*

there were 3 ladies interviewed me.
My interviewers were nice, thank god.
They asked me: (not in any order, and my answers weren't REALLY exactly like this, but this is roughly it)

well,they asked me about the AFS's history,the scholarship's history aswell and what the J-E-N-E-N-S-Y-S stand for.

and i've got no idea.i only answer the AFS's history part.hueh

so aifaa,why do you choose Japan instead other countries?

well,um.Japan is my somewhere i wish i could go since i was a kid.I don't know how i get so interested in it but i really love it.I want to wear kimono,i want to see the Sakura Tree,i want to pose at the Tokyo Tower and taste original sushi in its original country,Japan.And there was a girl in my school,she's from Japan and one of the AFS's students also.She told me that some of her friends thought Malaysians are still live on trees,and i would like to change that.Also,by having this AFS,it can burden ease of my family income because my father is only a teacher and my mum is a lecturer.I'm not saying it would be impossible for me to go there with my family but it maybe hard with all my other 4 siblings.heh *smiles*

oh i see..hmm.So can you play any musical instrument?

oh yea,i can play piano.but i'm not very good at it.i started it since i was 6 but i stopped when i was in standard 6.

can you promote to Japan with your music?

umm,i think so.

how?(and this is the part where i start to.. =_____=" you know.)

well i can play Siti Nurhaliza's song! (PLEASE KILL ME)
and also Negaraku and things.hoho

okay then.How are you going to promote Indian to Japan?

i know how to cook an Indian's traditional food with some tomatoes and some meat,i can prepare it to them.and also i might bring some 'Maruku' there.hehe about Chinese?
i can wear Kebaya Cina there!

okay..Hmm,how are you going to do if they serve you pork there?

(I'm a muslim,i can't eat pork)
i thought of that,well i'll just explain to them that i can't eat pork and touch dogs.
i'll make them understand why.

but you only will be staying with your host family for a week (i'm going for a very short course)
you will be in hall,hostel.if they serve you with a meal box,with pork,chicken and fish,are you going to eat?

No.i'll find another alternative way.Maybe i can eat some breads.

(stops and starts to think for a while)

um,i'm not going to eat bread all the maybe i'll only eat the fish,not the chicken and pork. (i remembered my dad told me we can eat it if it's darurat or we don't feel 'was-was')

okay..why should we choose you?
because i'm a true malaysian! i eat by my hands and i'll behave well there.i'll show them how Malaysians are.

Okay then,that's all (actually there's more,but i don't really remember.)
Thank you.

*back to the first room*

good day! bye bye now~
and,i really hope i could go there.i mean,it's Japan (*0*)
more photos,visit my facebook,
and,i speak broken english ;)


Aida Amalina said...

pedia ni hang cakap bahasa pa ni.
hebat wei!
esh org nak p jepun ja paham.

Aiman Afiq said...

ajar aq grammar

aidafada said...

haha.bukan was was.
without any doubt.heh.lawak la aifaa!

Anonymous said...

ayok ayok xreti aeh english ni.tq aida!

yg len perli sumpah terasa gila weh.hmph