Saturday, July 31, 2010

dear friend,
firstly,i want beg an apology from you.
i know i've done stupid things and worst,
i can't control my anger that time and i tend to write it down in blog.
and here,i want to tell you that i never,never never never,thought about you that way.
you are my best friend,we've been friends for years and i don't want this to ruin us.

i don't show my anger to public,i like to keep it to myself and some friends that get me.
that night when i knew about the phone call,i was so ashamed of myself and,i lied to you.
freaking ashamed and i didn't know how to control it.
i even change my phone number because i truly believe stupid i am.
then,i called someone,one of our friends.i cried to him NOT because of the game plan,
i cried because i lied to you and you already knew that i lied.that's so stupid.
and i promised myself to never lie again ._.

dear friend,
i'm sorry i behave that way.i know sometimes you are mean and so do i,
and i want you to know that,i cried because I LIED.OKAY?
not because of the plan u's not your fault actually.
i do stupid things when i'm angry.
i know we don't usually be like this but this fight make me remember the day we fought when we were in standard 5.

i am sorry for the mean words,
and i am sorry for publishing it in my blog,
i love you.

aku tau hang tengah geli tapi aku sayang hang.

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syed abu bakar said...

haaaa ! mcm ni la
baru kawan sejati.
berbaik lah =)