Wednesday, February 02, 2011

guess what?

It's 1.30 in the morning! Usually I don't sleep this late. Geez,really miss the time when I used to skype with Aida Amalina, Muzzamil Izam , Aiman, Nur Afiqah, and Iqbal Roslan. I slept at 4am! I remember the time when Muzzammil went out to Alor Setar but didn't log out from Skype,and we all ended up watching his room (?) and Aida was saying something about ghost -___-"
Also,I remember Ahmad Shafiq a.k.a Mutan always talked like Aida,cakap hindu! So Iqbal and I gave Mutan a new nickname,which was Kerlingboy :P
** no offense to any Indian who's reading this,it's a joke!

...... Like there's any Indian who reads my blog (O_O)

Anyway,most of my friends are leaving. Well,most of them already did. Muzzammil is now in ASTECH,Syed Abu Bakar also. And Aida is leaving on 7th of February. Since I'm in Arts Stream,I only have the chance to meet Aida at the canteen when it comes to recess. When she's leaving,there will be me and Wan Hanisah ONLY!!! I'm sure staying in hostel is tough,but you will enjoy it. Just don't kick people when they want to wake you up. That's my only advice to you. Haha.

Happy days! (:


pikah toke keybod said...

=_____________________= lama mana kita xskype nii

aifaa said...

tau xpaaaaaaaa.rindu gila kotttt

Aida Amalina said...

aku tendang hg ja

aifaa said...

dah la salah call aku