Wednesday, June 22, 2011

thank you, mangafox.

i don't know how to start. welll about manga (anime comics) , i'm more to forbidden love story or adventure, and comedy. the forbidden love story i'm referring is not about sister-brother love something something, it's more to teacher student relationship.AND OF COURSE I DON'T WANT THAT TO BE HAPPENING IN REAL would be...disgusting.

but i like reading that kind of story,say no more please D:

so,i found a manga, Oresama Teacher,
100% NOT about the forbidden love,it's about a girl who was a ganstaaa and was transferred to another  school. in that city,she met a guy who was her neighbour and the guy was the current teacher at her school.the guy was the one who taught her how to be a banchou (japanese word for leader of a gang).

anyway,this manga is funny and not about romance [i'm more into romantic comedy].
i hate jiwangs.

can't wait for the next chapterrrr.