Thursday, June 02, 2011

the true story of the pirates of the curry bean

there was a man, yes a man. A normal man who had his heart, can touch the ground anytime,  and he fell in love with a woman.  Then, the woman he loved was a nenek kebayan, and she cursed him to become a sotong bakaq. For 10 years he could only touch the ground a day. And after the first time he was cursed, he waited for ten years to meet the one he truly love. Unluckily, his love didn't show up.  He was so devastated, he ripped out his heart and bury it on somewhere only he knew. Later, there was a pirate, Jack Separuh  that held a motto " I, myself is Captain Jack separuh".

this is captain jack separuh.

a man,William Ternak wanted to marry Elizabeth Suam. He asked Jack Separuh to help him and they fought with the no heart man. Yes, he was Davy Jonah. The girl whom he loved the most was Tia Derma.
William Ternak

Elizabeth Suam

And for the first time after being cursed, Davy Jonah met his love, Tia Derma. Davy Jonah didn't know what to say. Luckily, a supergirl recorded a video of him and the girl. The video now become a world wide history. This is the power of love.

Surprisingly, Davy Jonah found to be recorded at in a mall. This showed that Davy Jonah can touch the ground. Fooled you guys. Padan muka KTHANKSBAIWAK