Saturday, February 08, 2014

Unwritten Thoughts

Let me take you to the moment of truth, to a situation where you have questions that you keep to yourself and tell nobody even to your closest friend about it. You might have reasons, but it might be easier to keep it that way. I need a place to tell what I am thinking now, and I am glad the place that I can express my thoughts to is my blog.. Someone might understand what I am going to write, and some might cannot relate to themselves at all.

Let's see.. I honestly don't know where to begin. I can't really define my expressions. There are some times where your friends will tease you, make fun of you with the intention of joking around. But, you end up getting pissed at them. And there will be a time when someone intentionally wants to make you mad, who will say nasty things right in front of you face, or someone who will tell you straightly that that person is lying to you, BUT you ended being fine with it. You can smile. You don't feel anything at all.

"Here is my story. There is a guy whom I have been in love with for two years. The relationship has been on and off. He has someone else at the same thing this is happening"

Penah dak hampa tepikiaq awat benda ni tejadi?  Penah dak terpikiaq oh maybe dia kot yang tu tuu,tapi pernah dak terpikiaq awat kita still choose dia even dah tau benda ni tejadi? Ok. Aku rasa, benda yang aku rasa ni mungkin antara sebab kenapa perempuan boleh hidup bermadu. Tak kira la sakit macam mana pun, lambat laun dia akan telan jugak. Maaf agak geli. Tapi ini realiti.

"I don't know but I believe, that some things were meant to be." - Boyzone

Jadi, jujurnya saya dah tak rasa apa masa dah tahu. Saya pun tak tahu nak respon apa. Saya dah cakap apa yang saya nak cakap, dan saya jujur apa yang saya cakapkan tu. K. Masuk draft.