Sunday, March 02, 2014

Happy birthday to me.

The title is a lie ^ right now, i am typing this post is 10.28 pm, 2nd march 2014. Woah. Damn. What should I feel? Birthdays have never been that special day since.... I don't remember when? I do remember when was the last time I really had my birthday party. It was back when I was 11, the party was huuuge. I was so happy to get presents from my friends.

Time long gone. To me now, birthdays are no longer any other special days. Just another day to survive on, and life goes on. I am pretty sure some friends remember my birthday, and some who don't but I really don't mind if they don't. Honestly, now I appreciate friendships more than birthday wishes. I appreciate appreciation from my friends and family. Do I make myself clear here?

What I am saying here is; I am thankful for everything, everyone. thank you people who are reading, people who will be wishing me, giving me good times and laughter. I appreciate everyone.

Happy early birthday to myself. ~(^v^~)