Monday, May 27, 2013

29 days from now on

I will be heading back to Washington DC, attend the Post-departure Camp for 4 days and heading back to Malaysia.

Everything here I have achieved really shows me how much I've grown, I mean, back in Malaysia I would have never figured that I would fly from Seattle to North Carolina to Washington DC just to attend JPA Interview in the Embassy Of Malaysia. And went to New York City by bus with my other 2 friends.

Thinking back about my past, a year ago during this time I would   never imagine that I would have the opportunity to attend prom (and my prom partner is my crush here) and most importantly, that I would have the courage to ask him to go with me. (It's normal here for girls to ask boys)

2 days ago, I received the letter from AFS Malaysia about my flight itinerary and I cried in the car next to my host dad saying "I don't know when am I meeting you guys again"  and he said that we definitely meet each other again. Then he bought me ice-cream so that I could calm myself again.

Priceless. Every moment here is too diamonic that nobody can ever buy all of it using cash. Nope.

5.51 am, May 27 2013 (it's still Spring tho)