Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hi guys. My fight is over. The thing I have been fighting for more than two years shall now be buried, and to never be found back. I don't know what to feel, this uncertainty feeling is not something I think I can describe.. it feels heavy inside, but I can breathe freely now.  I wanna learn and see new things, to see my future and holding on to my past as my guide.. I am thankful for this feeling, the times we spent, the journey we went together, and how grown up I am now compares to the first time we know each other. I am thankful for my past experiences, those are what make me, myself today. I am thankful for the love, I learnt how to be in it. I am thankful for the pain, I learnt how to be stronger. Most importantly, I am grateful for all the things that I have been through. Now, time to wait and see what the future holds. Thank you! #grateful


Let's bury our story and pretend like it has never happened.