Thursday, October 16, 2014

So what happeneddddddd so far

I swear the second I clicked the 'new post' button the electricity went off O_O wtfs so now it's dark but I dont  really mind because it's still daytime? :o


class started at 9, I woke up at 5 nearly 6 but went back to sleep again and woke up again to pray and sleep again while my housemates are getting ready for their class (i can sleep yay). I didn't know what to wear okay, semalam i wore my grey shirt adam said I looked fat (i hate your gigi besi) so I was really concern on what to wear so I didn't know what to wear but i ended up wearing my a level INPRO white tshirt with a black cardi............................................ I'm still pretty like a model no worries mah fans YOU GUYS ARE DAAA BEST.

Around 8.40 I got into the bus and I really really felt tired I wanted to sleep in the bus but it was too cold because of the airconditioner?????????????????????? so i didnt sleep lah. then later i arrive at intec i walked to my class, my class was located at the third floor okeh i am fat so i dont like walking it stressed me out because it reminded me that i am fat so i didnt feel like talking to people after i arrive and after finally a long journey from turun tangga bas to naik tangga a level i go sit at my place lah pastu ADAM PUNYA FILE ADA ATAS MEJA AKU LIKE WTH KAU PUNYA MEJA KAT SEBELAH AKU PEMASALAH KAU SUKA LETAK BARANG KAT ATAS MEJA AKU so I put it on his table with tak ikhlasly sebab aku benci kau 

then arni arrived from her ponteng class after almost a week (tempat aku dalam kelas dikelilingi orang pemalas kiri kanan) everyone kept saying woah finally you come ah where did u go ha why u still alive not dead yet? then I was having my morning moodswing I didn't wanna layan lah! but I buat2 baik jugakla by saying hi arni lama tak jumpa kau pastu malas nk cakap i focused on my phone. After around 9:21AM, my class rep Choms said PSYCHO CLASS WAS CANCELLED 
WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAT I COULD HAVE SLEPT FOR AN HOUR LONGER K! K K! NAH TRIPLE K! TAKE THAT! But anyway we went down to the cafe to eat and cendawan goreng was available it was good so i ate but then still didn't have the energy so I didn't talk until it was time for lunch. I wasn't supposed to eat rice but i eat jugak because i'm such a badass anyone meltedz heyer? so after i ate rice i became hyperactive i talked talked talked talked talked till it was CTES class.

I entered class and everyone was talking about having pizza or ice cream cake together but NNJ (kinda my diet supervisor, but she's the Nicki Minaj. Geddit? She's the celebrity.) said I couldn't  eat those things because I am on diet so yeah ok whatever and I joke around saying today's class was cancelled (I am the assistant for CTES class because my classmate pranked me).

me : The lecturer is late. Class must have been cancelled
fayyadh : amende kau mana lambat lagi

pastu orang gelak ok jom gelak jugak baca blog ni HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH ok thanks pastu i sat next to fasha and told her that she should make an instagram account since she's already owned a smart phone (she used bb before) 
me : weh buat ah instagram kau dah ada fon mahal dah
fasha : tanak aku guna insta kawan aku je
arni : haah bt insta pastu like semua gambar aku
me : ha buat instagram buat twitter buat semua tapi jangan follow erina sebab DIA TAKKAN FOLLOW KAU BALIK!!!
-orang gelak-
me : *continues* UNLESS KAU LELAKI
-orang gelak, fayyadh tunjuk pedang kena cucuk dada, hazmi nth buat apa, eri pun buat muka macam kena tampaq pastu aku macam sorry sorry sebab memain je-

ok motip tulih blog ni aku nak habaq eri follow aku kat twitter dah.

semoga follow erina terhadap twitter aku kalini kekal. amin. doakan saya kawan2. kkkkwkwkwkwkwkkw

Friday, October 10, 2014

Move on

Bagi aku, move on ni boleh terbahagi pada dua. satu perasaan, satu lagi kenangan. yang bab perasaaan tu, aku dah pernah rasa dan dah pernah berjaya dah move on. tapi apa yang aku tengah alami lani, yang kedua tu. Kenangan.

Jujur aku cakap, aku rasa kenangan ni susah sangat nak lupa. Kadang2 kita dah move on dari perasaan suka dari orang tu, tapi kita rindu benda2 yang kita dah pernah buat dengan dia. Tapi dalam kes aku, aku tak boleh move on dari cerita lama yang buat aku sedih.

Aku tak boleh teringat benda lama, serioustalk aku cepat touching and sensitip gila kalau teringat balik pasai benda ni. Penah dak teringat benda lama walaupun time hang tengah happy, tiba2 hang jadi sedih, mood teruih takdak, ayaq mata murah ja nak turun keluaq. Penah? Susah wei bab benda ni. Nak ja balik p masa lampau pi halang diri aku dari duk involve dengan ______________ ni. hahaha.

dulu masa kecik2 bila aku nangih aku stop nangih sebab aku pikiaq aku takut jadi buta (sebab nangih kan kuaq ayaq mata banyak, takmau jadi mcm p ramlee hat nangeh sampai buta tu) tapi lani aku xleh stop nangih. kuaq ikot suka ja. pui

Monday, October 06, 2014

My Harry Potter marathon.

How do I start this?! After some time of not writing, I would like to apologize to (if there is) anyone who has been stalking / reading some of my updates in my blog. And for writing my posts in English (which wasn't the case for several years ago). Life's good, it hasn't been hard nor easy, but enjoying the ups and downs of it would be the only way to carry on with life.

Anyway, I am sure everyone of you know Harry Potter. Well as for me, I first saw the first movie when I was (not mistakenly) at the age of 8, it was when my dad bought a pirated CD of it :P I liked the idea, and was dreaming to go to the magical school of Hogwarts. Pretty sure I had a little crush on Daniel Radcliffe, as he was this one chosen boy and the main character of Harry Potter series (and which I am sure most girls experienced this too)

Somehow, as someone who do not have a long lasting passion, I had never watched the series anymore until my best friend (who had been keeping up with Harry Potter since movie 1) told me to go with her for the second movie of Deadly Hallows, as it appeared to be the last movie of the series. I didn't even know the villain that they needed to fight's name is Voldemort, but I continued watching with the help of my own guesses to complete the movie in my own sense. After the movie ended, I never watched the movie anymore. I finished my school, went for the student exchange program, came back and continued my studies in A Level in Shah Alam and in my second semester, I decided to watch the Harry Potter movies.

Taken from a friend of mine, I started to watch. However it didn't seem to be my cup of tea. I finished all of the movies, but with little understanding of the whole story they were trying to deliver.

                                            a picture of Oliver Wood, the Quidditch captain of Gryffindor, for being undeniably cute.

The Harry Potter marathon started last week on Wednesday (1/10/2014) after I finished my second semeter's trials. I hanged out with a bunch of friends of mine, and we talked about Harry Potter that SEEMED SO ATTRACTIVE TO MY EARS EMERGERD I HEVVV TU WACCIT EGEEINN.

5  days later, I finished the movie marathon with many questions about the series. The movie itself didn't seem complete to me, as it leaves few unanswered questions. For example ;
1) Why did Voldemort attack James and Lily Potter? This wasn't told in the movie. The movie started with Harry being sent to the Dursleys.
2) How did Peter Pettigrew die? I saw him got knocked out by Dobbie the free elf in the Deadly Hallows 2 but in the movie, he didn't die. He wasn't even there during the second wizarding war.
3) Why did Voldemort want to get rid of the muggles and mudbloods so much
4) How did Tom Riddle find out that he was the heir of Slytherin
6) Is Bellatrix related to Sirius? I don't really get the Black's family tree.
7) Didn't Trelawney die during the first scene of the Deadly Hallows because Voldemort's snake ate her? However I found her being alive and was helping with the injured during the last scene after Hogwarts was attacked.
8) How many children do the Weasley couple have and are they related to the Blacks lol wtf this is so confusing
9) Dumbledore -  why didn't he told about himself more to Harry.
10) Why do Snape's and Lily's patronus charms are the same - doe?
11) Why dooooo the dementorsssss listen to voldemort arent they the prison's guards or something zz
12) About the after movie - what happened to Hermoine Granger's parents? She used the obliviate spell on them to make them forget about her and went to fight with voldemort. After the war ended, did she undo the spell
13) how did harry potter come back to live i thought he was dead after voldemort used avada kadavra -,- jumpa dumbledore hang hidup teruih padia xpaham aku
14) How come the harry becomes the hocrux i thought hocrux is only for the unliving things after you killed someone
15) Snape became the headmaster after he killed Dumbledore, does this mean the previous headmaster was killed by Dumbledore? D:

After having so many questions and bugging my friends with them, I decided to start reading the book. I am currently reading the order of the Pheonix as most of my confusions start there and that's the only Harry Potter book I have lol. Anyone who has the explanation and is willing to explain, do tell me the reasons! :D

Seriously, what have I been missing all these years? Harry Potter is simply...genius

pictures of Matthew Lewis who played as Neville Longbottom and who is gorgeous(!!) and survived his puberty magically to end this post.