Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My first surgery

Halo. Lemme just get to the title, and yes I am talking about the surgery / operation / pembedahan and whatever you call it. O_O HECK YEAH I HAD AN OPERATION!

It was on 2nd December, but I just decided to write about it after er...... 29 days after? O_O

So, it started since I can't remember when, my menstrual cycle had always been a drunktart. It started with the monthly cycle of 21 days, but the period would be no less than 12 days and sometimes would reach 15 days.(Sorry if this disgust you, but other people's health care and precaution I need to tell it here)

 I went to a local clinic in Jitra during my semester break, and the doctor asked me whether I am married (O_o) [hello people, I look like someone's wife][I wonder who will be my husband!!!!! DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND WACHU DUIN NOW I AM SURVIVING LIFE AND I HAD AN OPERATION DEAR HUBBY]

So I told her no. (Two paragraphs started with So, wow good english)  And she told me that I might experiencing stress that usually how students feel. So I told her okay lah then I okay lah then I told her about my menstrual cycle and such. Well imagine me, being a muslim and could only pray about a week then I was hit with another menstruation. Then she gave me contraceptive pills to regulate my period cycle.

Well, it worked. My cycle turned to be 28 days and no more 21 days. SO LONG SUCCKKKAA

But my period days were still the same, but it was getting worse. From a maximum day of 15, it turned to be 16 and more. I went to a clinic here in Shah Alam but the doctor said the same, she even told me that it is normal as long as I have my period monthly (OK DOC)

During my third semester break, the same thing happened. But it concerned me because I don't really trust what the doctors said and I believed that something irregular was going on with me. That time, my lovely grandma had an operation (too) in KMC. So I took the chance to see the gynae.

His name was doktor kamaruzzaman and he seemed like my dad (by age, not face). So he did ultra-scan on me (that was not my first time tho, third time actually) and HE DISCOVERED TWO CYSTS ON MY OVARIES. Cyst on my right ovary was about 1.6cm, but the one on my left ovary was 7cm. So he said

"Ni kena surgery ni"

okay enough of what. I didn't actually say what. I said "HA?" and was startled. THA HECK. LOL. ok. so we set up the date and THIS WAS SO SURREAL FOR ME. I COULDN'T BRAIN IT.

I have always liked my life to be full of attention, but Lily Collins type of attention, not sick-surgical-im dying-goodbye type of attention. My aunties were at home during that time, teased me about the surgery because they had it before too. Oh well.

*fast forwards the story*

So I checked into the hospital. I slept alone on the first night (what a sad first night I thought it would be full of romance) since my mum had to go home because my grandma also had an operation days before. So she had to take care both of us. ( BEST MUM/NURSE AWARD!!!) I woke up around 4 am because a nurse came and told me to take a medicine. yada3x, so it was time for surgery.

my dad cried, my mum didn't haha what even. Mums are stronger people!!! So i was put on the bed and when I was in the surgery room, it was very nervewrecking. People there were all with masks (O_O) and I needed to do my hands to be T shape. then I was put into sleep by injection and that thing you put on your mouth (duh watch tv next time if you dont get what i mean)

When I woke up, the nurse softly touched my cheeks and called adik, adik dah siap dah ni. I immediately cried saying "Nurse, sakit..." because it did hurt, very much. I was so weak I let them do all the things they needed to do. I didn't eat since 11PM the night before because I had to fast. 

It hurt so bad that  whenever I coughed, I cried and held the bed steel thing idk what do you call it. ANd since I was drugged with anesthetics, I had to puke to let them out. It hurt soooooooooooo bad. Each time your chest moved to let the puke out, you will get an electric shock because it used muscles on your tummy. So I did puke, TWICE. IMAGINE THE PAIN PEOPLE. One around 4pm, and another one around 7pm. I really cried that during my second time puking, my ward mate's mother in law came and held my back because my mum wasn't there and I was crying alone saying sakit sakit. and that night, her husband was afraid to sleep because he might wake me up with his snore :') it was really thoughtful of them. I am grateful for wonderful people around me.

Anyway, I was allowed to go back home on my third day of stay. I could walk but I had to bend a little. It was an experience but I don't want it to happen again. sakit oiiiiiiiiii!