Monday, October 19, 2015

Living life, in misery and woe.

Have you ever felt like screaming out loud, because who you showed people you are is not who you are.

Is life fair?
Can people really do what their hearts say?
Do people really get what they want if they work hard for it?

Tell yourself. Are you living the life? Are you living the dreams?

Are you tired of pretending?

Do you have something that you have been longing for, so close to get it but it slips away?

Is education the only way?

Woke up in tears, realising you are not where you supposed to be.

I don't believe in fate. But I believe in creating our own fate. Where did I do wrong?

Pretending to be strong isn't easy.... Sometimes you break down and cry.

Did I take it for granted? Time slips away, I wish I could do something to fix it.

I hate it. This isn't the life I am supposed to live. I know I deserve better. I know should be somewhere better.